Paperless Patient Forms

COVID-19 Screening Forms, Health History Forms, Virtual Consult Forms, and More


Patients can fill out and submit forms from home


Have patients request a virtual consult with your office


Receive COVID-19 screening forms before the scheduled appointment

Increase conversions with the power of convenience

You can place a custom form on your website in a matter of seconds. Patients can attach xrays or photos onto the form. All forms can be stored as .pdf documents without any scanning involved. Forms can be printed in an easy to read format for the patient to retain.

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Branding & Customizations

Analytics Tools

Track referrals monthly and annually. Use the web portal to visualize trends in patient requests and referral requests.

Branding Integration

Logo placement is a simple process. All forms can have your logo placed at the top of the forms.

Targeted Customizations

Smart contact forms that adapt to your needs. Use our template forms or create custom forms to serve your requirements.

Web Integration

Web integration is immediate. You can add a referral form onto your website in seconds.

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